If you happen to be a late 80’s/early 90’s baby, there is a strong chance you were in a school gym arms length apart, dancing to an original of one of these jams. If you didn’t find yourself dancing in the musk/sweat box known as a middle school dance, it’s likely you could be caught walking around with your CD player, bumping the original of these (while trying to ensure you didn’t skip your disk). Either way, I’ve been seeing a lot of remixes of hammys from my pre-teen youth, so enjoy these 2012 versions.

Up first we have Sango remixing an arms-apart dancing classic from Aaliyah and Timberland. Even if you thought you were a badass back in the day, Aaliyah had a way of turning an 8th grade “pimp” to an 8th grade simp with the quickness.

GET “Are You That Somebody”

Next we find CRNKN taking Cascada’s “Everytime We Touch” to the trap. About one minute in you can hear the original coming through, and almost feel the nervous palm sweat of your youth.

GET “Every Time We Touch”

Nothing screams the 90’s like “Jock Jams” and a group name dumb as Zombie Nation… Monolith inspires the trap with his remix of Kernkraft 400… Tell me this wouldn’t go hard at the skating rink, or on a pre-game-warm-up CD before your middle school basketball game.

Get “Kernkraft 400”

I’m sure ATLiens had to be on heavy rotation for middle schools in the South… As we aren’t from that area tho, this hammy and CD bumped in our foam headphones from Middle to High School. Urban Noize updates the beat on this Outkast classic, keeping it chill and letting their flows shine.

Get “ATLiens”

In case you missed this post, this has to be one of the biggest middle school dance classic remixes ever. Candland brings Sandstorm into the year 2012 refreshing the awkward middle school memories of past with his OG Remix.

Get “Sandstorm”


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  1. KP says:

    brace faced smiles and “enough space for God” in between those awkward middle school dancing bodies

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