Skrillex - Drop THE Bass

Before you get too excited about a new post, don’t…. haha But really tho… We had a fun run with this music blog thang while it lasted. More than happy that we could share some good music with everybody with this experiment. We couldn’t be happier with our 12K views(mere to some) and viewers spanning 4 continents. Life has been hectic for both of us as I work on getting that DMD title, and KP runs a successful store on a major university. Instead of posting about music in our freetime we have transferred to creating music! Stay tuned as we cook up some bangers.

Sorry for the delayed announcement but WE GONE! Checkout below to help soothe that void.

Here are some noteworthy people we personally know, you should check out:

DJ GENE-E-OUS Gene did a few of our mixes, has a dope podcast, is always putting out clean new mash-ups and original mixes, but most importantly he will be with us at ULTRA2013!
Chip Ivory Our boy Chip Ivory can out party any of you! Also he makes some dope mash-ups and recently just dropped about 10 new ones! He’s made hypem’s top 25 before, keep your eyes on him.
DJ Amer great friend of ours! Up and coming DJ on a national level. His mixtapes are super sick and bump super hard. He gave us a drop at a major festival then proceeded to kill his set with a little Trap. I know he has been working on some original mixes as well, and may be out in NYC soon.
Unlike Pluto Family with my roommate! Peep his tracks like “Jack Sparrow“, most recently his remix of Mumford and Sons was just behind JT’s newest single on HypeM. Numerous remix contest winner and his tags for his songs on soundcloud rival that of DeadMau5.

If you feel lost with how to find new music peep these sites! I few of our favs:

HYPEM Searches many blogs and reposts the top ones(Click popular to see whats poppin in the blog world)
Pigeon and Planes One of my favorite sites at the moment, QUALITY electro and rap. Also they have many articles that are more than just music follow them on twitter.
EarMilk Has a good variety of all
WhiteFolksGetCrunk Good variety, more dance music based but also drop some “hood” bangers.
SoundCloud Create an account on SoundCloud and follow artist that you like! I linked to the artists we follow to help you get started. Basically going to your “Stream” is like the newsfeed for the book.



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