Long over due….

Skrillex - Drop THE Bass

Before you get too excited about a new post, don’t…. haha But really tho… We had a fun run with this music blog thang while it lasted. More than happy that we could share some good music with everybody with this experiment. We couldn’t be happier with our 12K views(mere to some) and viewers spanning 4 continents. Life has been hectic for both of us as I work on getting that DMD title, and KP runs a successful store on a major university. Instead of posting about music in our freetime we have transferred to creating music! Stay tuned as we cook up some bangers.

Sorry for the delayed announcement but WE GONE! Checkout below to help soothe that void.

Here are some noteworthy people we personally know, you should check out:

DJ GENE-E-OUS Gene did a few of our mixes, has a dope podcast, is always putting out clean new mash-ups and original mixes, but most importantly he will be with us at ULTRA2013!
Chip Ivory Our boy Chip Ivory can out party any of you! Also he makes some dope mash-ups and recently just dropped about 10 new ones! He’s made hypem’s top 25 before, keep your eyes on him.
DJ Amer great friend of ours! Up and coming DJ on a national level. His mixtapes are super sick and bump super hard. He gave us a drop at a major festival then proceeded to kill his set with a little Trap. I know he has been working on some original mixes as well, and may be out in NYC soon.
Unlike Pluto Family with my roommate! Peep his tracks like “Jack Sparrow“, most recently his remix of Mumford and Sons was just behind JT’s newest single on HypeM. Numerous remix contest winner and his tags for his songs on soundcloud rival that of DeadMau5.

If you feel lost with how to find new music peep these sites! I few of our favs:

HYPEM Searches many blogs and reposts the top ones(Click popular to see whats poppin in the blog world)
Pigeon and Planes One of my favorite sites at the moment, QUALITY electro and rap. Also they have many articles that are more than just music follow them on twitter.
EarMilk Has a good variety of all
WhiteFolksGetCrunk Good variety, more dance music based but also drop some “hood” bangers.
SoundCloud Create an account on SoundCloud and follow artist that you like! I linked to the artists we follow to help you get started. Basically going to your “Stream” is like the newsfeed for the book.


Calvin Harris- Sweet Nothing Ft Florence Welch (Extended Mix)

The formula is simple, popular singer on hook + electro producer on the production = successful record. However, on this collaboration I have to say that I really feel like Florence adds her traditional sound, while not over simplifying her style more than need be. This isn’t her typical depth that is usually conveyed; but its not one or two phrases looped either. I’m personally really glad to see this collaboration happen as well due to the popularity of using Florence and the Machine samples in the EDM scene.


Nicky Romero & Calvin Harris – Iron (Original Mix)

Two of EDMs heavy weights go in on this track! Very smooth melodic sound as should be expected, with some nice light wobbles to keep it lively, all leading into some soothing vocals sandwiched in the middle.

On a side note Calvin seems to be making some big collabs as of recent, including what seems to be the first legit EDM feature of Florence Welch (opposed to a sample).


[Trap] Dillon Francis- Masta Blasta (The Rebirth) VIDEO

Dillon Francis drops this video after much hype. Humorous and ridiculous just as any video from him is; including him signing titties with “Tiesto”(twitter jokes fam), a midget dressed like Baaur, Cats, A request for levels, Carlos Rossi sipping, and him pissing on a wall for a lengthy portion. Enjoy


[Trap/Bubbling] Munchi- Trap Bubbling (Mixtape)

Munchi slangs another dope mixtape our way. This tape Munchi throws his classic dutch sound over some trap beats while working with Trapaholics! “DaDaDaaaammmn Son Where’d You Find This?”
Peep the Dipset Anthem below, in classic Munchi fasion he keeps his remix name long, and reminds everybody that not everybody should be making trap and “riding the wave”…

Get “Trap Bubbling”

[Rap] Lil Wayne- No Worries

This is Wayne’s second single from his forthcoming album, and was a release on his newest mixtape Dedication 4 which you can get HERE. I have heard far too many people talking about how “Wayne is back”… Personally I see a beat that goes hard, a garbage auto-tuned chorus, and some super basic kindergarten lines. Swag, flow, and beat selection sell records; but does this even meet that criteria? What are your thoughts?

Also after watching the VMAs Lil Wayne skates like Bart Simpson… He can barely ride, he needs to give that shit up. Even in high school you were a poser if you couldn’t 360 flip.

For the record I am a fan of Wayne, but I won’t hop on anything solely based on a name.

Get IT

[Chill] Flying Lotus- Until Quit Comes(Video/Track)

Flying Lotus drops off this stunning short story video to accompany his track Until The Quit Comes. His next album by the same title, is due out October 1st(ish). Really stoked for the project, as a bonus I’m throwing in his track featuring Earl Sweatshirt from awhile back. Also sorry for lagging on posts ya boy had an internet crisis for a bit…

Get “Until The Quit Comes”

Bonus Hammy
Flying Lotus Ft. Earl Sweatshirt -Between Friends

Get “Between Friends”

[Hip-Hop] Kanye West x Big Sean x Jay-Z: Clique

G.O.O.D. Music strikes gold once again (no surprise) with their new single Clique. This jam’s got the heaviest of head bobbin’ beats with that middle eastern flow to keep it fresh. Easily the next Niggas in Paris. Keep your eyes peeled for the Cruel Summer album dropping September 18.

[Hip-Hop] Big Sean – Detroit (Mixtape)

After many video teasers posted on unknowbigsean.com Big Sean comes through and drops us off a new mixtape as the NFL starts its season kickoff. This tape has much more of gangsta vibe than his previous official mixtapes, but with quality features and all original production I can’t wait to chill out and analyze this beast.


[Electro Funk] GRiZ: Smash The Funk

Think about Detroit for a second and then ask yourself what it has been good for. Automobiles, crappy football, white rappers…let’s add one more thing to that list. 21 year-old Michigan producer GRiZ is the best thing I’ve seen out of D-Town in a minute. His unique blend of electro funk and soul is so infectious, and a refreshing departure from rage mode electro of late. Be on the lookout for his album releasing Sept. 4.