Yesterday DJ GENE-E-OUS (knowing my love for trap music) hit me up about this EP that just dropped on Mad Decent. All I can say is WOW! If you didn’t know, Rotterdam happens to be the second biggest city in Holland and host to a MASSIVE club scene. Munchi being one of the top DJ’s in Rotterdam, wanted to go back in time and remix the hits that first had him grinding in a club. Munchi goes back to his Dominican heritage throughout the EP bridging the gap between Reggaeton/Moombahton/Bubblin and remixes them basically into some Dutch Trap (if that’s something real). Expect some club hits slowed down, and some repetitiveness of addicting sounds that will get stuck in your head. I’m gonna post my top two tracks, then post the rest below with his description of the tracks via Mad Decent and Munchi’s Soundcloud.

Get Munchi: Rotterdam Trap EP HERE

Get Munchi: Bounching Harbour

Get Munchi: Moombah

Haha, as the VIP name already says: ”Munchi’s back in then grinding phase in Holly”. There was this party called Bubbling Beats in Rotterdam at this club called Hollywood and at that age 15-17 thats kinda like the place to be lol. Only thing is that I always would get rejected for my hair, cap or clothes (extremely baggy). And this fucking track right here would get played 3793278 times in one night (same goes for Daddy Yankee’s ‘Gasolina’ or Luda’s ‘Move Bitch’). This was the track back then and I always wanted to make a remix of this shit. Btw I’ve asked them both why they stopped making Bubbling. The reasons are of course obvious, but like I said before a shit ton of times – Bubbling never got the shine it deserved outside of Holland. Here goes my remix of this FINALLY and its a Trap one BOW!! DUTCH TRAP SON!! DAMN SON WHERE YOU FIND THIS!!

Oh snap. How many versions are there of this fucking anthem right here. ‘The Ultimate Seduction’ haha. DJ Patrick had the classic bubbling remix version of this, Def Rhymz had ‘Ze Zitten Me Achterna’ which was basically the same as the DJ Patrick one, but with his retarded vocals on it haha. And of course Master D made the B-More version of it. I’m leaving a lot out though, because for real yo – it would be too much to mention lol. I had 3737987084 remixes of this shit as well in all these different genres. One of them I put out on the Baile Funk Promo. So now I made Trap with it, I’m sorry, I  fucking had to lol. I put Real El Canario’s Remix of Freddo Fuori’s track on it as well, because I just needed an excuse to use that banger,it came out later than when I was 17, but fuck it. I HAD TO USE IT.  Also I used a bit of The Partysquad’s ‘Pull Up’. Just shouting out eah! Their tracks were everywhere as well back then haha. BOW!!

Ok, that fucking flute was asking for it. You know this one was coming if I would only tell you the concept: “Dutch Bangers from when I was +/- 17 in Trap”. Not only was that fucking flute asking for it, the Funkin’ Matt remix was the one that got played EVERYWHERE. You couldn’t escape it. And that flute combined with the beep that got stuck in your head for centuries, only switching each other off. Damn, I have to say I miss hearing this out there. Hopefully this makes a change haha. Also to give more explanation to the VIP name.Not only is it because I like ridiculously long remix or VIP names, it’s  actually true! WHY doesn’t he make Moombahton? It’s still one of the greatest unsolved mysteries in the world to me. It would fit so on point. I saw his mail on one of these mailing list I was in, so I asked him. He said he might do it later on and because I told him that I basically grew up in the club listening to this lol, he asked me why I didn’t do a Moombahton of this. Well I didn’t!! I MADE IT TRAP. TAKE THAT FUNKIN MATT FOR NOT MAKING MOOMBAHTON!!!

Of course this one was waiting for it, lol. So predictable, but that’s what’s actually funny, because it ISN’T!! At the first look it might seem that I just slowed Afrojack’s remix of ‘Moombah’ even more, but you fail to hear the ‘Naffie’ tag in it!! YOU REMEMBER THAT?! THAT WAS THE FIRST TRACK I GRINDED TO SON!!! THAT AND HIS REMIX OF SATISFACTION, DEFINITIONS OF A BANGER RIGHT THERE SON!!! WHAT YOU GOT ON NAFFIE!? NOTHING AT ALL!!!!!! Moombah is from way after I was 17 and Naffie’s version was from way before, so I thought it kinda evens it out lol. So Chuckie and Naffie made the Bubbling remix of that ‘Blow Your Speakers’ track back then. Then Chuckie updated it with Silvio Ecomo on Moombah and Afrojack made the already classic remix. Later on causing the birth of a genre by DAVE NADA and me hearing it and thinking WOW THIS IS FUCKING IT!! and making the Moombahton Promo that night and now making this Trap VIP track shouting out Naffie, because he doesn’t get the credit he deserves. NOW HOW IS THAT FOR ON POINTNESS ON A CHAIN REACTION THROUGH MUSIC GENERATIONS LOL. BOWBOWBOWBWOWBWO ON THREEHUNDERDMILLIONTHOUSAND!!!! AND if you wondering about those Papiamento vocals? Immorales son. Do your homework, uncrowned  underappreciated legends as well. Shout out to my Antillean  niggazzzzzzzz BOWWWWWWWW!!

They see me trollinnn they hatinnnnnn.Lol, this was a joke and I probably raped the ‘Green Velvet’ track and the ‘Toys Are Nuts’ classics (leave ‘probably’ out lol). I was working on this as an actual VIP for those 2 tracks,because they were huge in at that time too and they sounded good together. The thing is when I put the ‘Damn Son’ drop in it, things got kinda outta hand and I used the ‘Damn Son’ drop instead of a Hi-hat lol. So just outta respect to the 2 original songs I didn’t made it into a full song lol. Things got a little bit outta hand, I’m sorry, it happens haha. Also I had that Muler Melancia track in my head and pictured this to be a Trap version of hertrack. First starting on a slow speed with the ‘Damn Son’ drop and faster in the second part of the track (different speeds of ass shaking). Maybe this will spark a Baile Funk inspired ass-shaking hype in Trap!!!!!!!!! Probably not.


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