The first time I heard Call Me Maybe I wanted to dive out of a moving vehicle. Something about the cheesy beat and those bubble gum pop lyrics just killed me inside. Then a strange thing happened…Kap Slap released an amazing mash-up with Swedish House Mafia’s Greyhound (Listen HERE) and I found my self singing along with Carly Rae. From that moment on I could not get that damn song out of my brain. DJ GENE-E-OUS had to go and make it worse for me by mashing Call Me Maybe with one of my favorite jams from the past year, Feel So Close by Calvin Harris. This is a dope fusion that’s gonna have me singing along for longer than I’d like to admit. Touché Carly…touché.



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  1. Jeanna Melaun says:

    Oh i just like carly rae jepsen, this girl has a sweet, lovely face and the woman’s songs is really trendy. This lady is additionally a success story like Justin Bieber. A girl next door along with a little concealed creativity. She genuinely warrants to be well-known.

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