Diddy’s Fine Slam Piece Cassie gets a proper remix from the one and only Kanye. This track is definitely catchy, and shows some Yeezy influence with the “Power” style hand claps to the sampling and distant yelling vocals blended in. If you follow the same mindset as FH you have to be curious as to how much Kanye will adapt to the EDM scene this up coming year. Don’t forget that he was one the first major players of hip-hop to integrate some electro with his Daft Punk sample, also he now has his DJ Yeezy World Peace influence and possibly some of the best producing talents in the world.



[audio http://www.hulkshare.com/dl/0xqjhfasntll/Cassie–King_Of_Hearts_%28Kanye_West_Remix%29.mp3

|titles=Cassie: King Of Hearts (Kanye West Remix)]


Cassie songs ALWAYS seem better with visuals so here is the original in video format, so feel free to mute this bad boy and listen to the remix




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